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The department wants to work for the awareness about development of the knowledge of Computer and Information Technology in rural and hills district Karbi Anglong. And the department also wants to work for excellence in CS & IT education so that the students of CS & IT department of the college are highly benefited and treated as brilliant students of the university.

The department plans to develop the department as one the best CS & IT department under the Assam University and also plans to introduce different practical courses and BCA course for the upliftment of Bokajan, Karbi Anglong and Assam. In future we want to organize workshops for the school students to guide them and educate them about the importance of IT in today's world. We also want to organise in near future a inter school quiz competition to develop interest in the learning of CS & IT. In future we will publish a departmental journal and magazine to develop the knowledge and activities of the students.



History of the Department:

The Department of Computer Science and Information Technology was established in the year 2010 with the establishment of Pranab Jubilee College, when the subject was introduced at the higher secondary level. At the initial stage, after its establishment, it used to impart Computer Science education at higher secondary level only to the students of science and commerce stream.

In the year 2013, the subject CS & IT was introduced at degree level.  


  1. To create an environment in the department so that the students can learn the subject in homely atmosphere.

  2. To make the students aware of the importance of the subject and imbibe a certain degree of maturity so that the students get well train up and develop confident in pursuing further study in the subject CS & IT.

  3. To develop the idea about the necessity of CS & IT in our day to day life.

  4. To develop the ability to express their thoughts freely and effectively.

  5. To create the habit of independent thinking, problem solving.

  6. To develop the habits of logical thinking and logical reasoning.

Faculty and Staff Position:

Photo Name Qualification Designation Specialization Years of Experience
Mr. Subrata Kumar Dutta  B.Tech Assistant Professor COMPUTER SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 1 Year