Fees   Structure

Higher Secondary Two Years Courses

Higher Secondary Arts

Admission Fees - Rs.4,000/-                               Monthly Fees - Rs. 400/-                                                            

Higher Secondary Science

Admission Fees - Rs.6,500/-                               Monthly Fees - Rs. 600/-                                                            

Higher Secondary Commerce

Admission Fees - Rs. 4,500/- Monthly Fees - Rs. 500/-

Three Year Degree Course

Bachelor of Science

Physical sciences and Life sciences Courses                              Honours Course
Admission Fees -   Rs. 7,500/-

Monthly Fees    -   Rs. 1,000/-

Admission Fees - Rs. 9,000/-
Monthly Fees    - Rs. 1,000/-
Bachelor of Commerce
Pass Course                              Honours Course
Admission Fees  -  Rs. 6,500/-
Monthly Fees     -  Rs. 1,000/-
Admission Fees - Rs. 7,500/-
Monthly Fees    - Rs. 1,000/-


  1. Higher Secondary Remedial Coaching is compulsory a nominal fees will be charged
  2. Once the admission and other fees have been paid. It will not be refunded even if the student is withdrawn.