Rules and  Regulation

  1. The Classes will start at 9:00 AM. It is imperative that the student must reach the college 15mts before class starts.

  2. The student is advised and directed to return home straight way soon after the classes over before class starts.

  3. No student should remain absent from the class on any ground other than illness. In accordance with an application, countersigned by the guardian has to be submitted to the Principal along with a medical certificate from the attending physician.

  4. Students must not wear/bring any ornaments with them when coming to the college.

  5. Students are strictly forbidden to quarrel or dispute with each other nor do they use any harsh language.

  6. Students attitude to the teachers must not be other than respectful and attentive.

  7. Fees should be paid strictly on or before 10th of the current month failing which fine of Rs.10/- will be imposed.

  8. Smoking, Chewing of tobacco, Pan, Gutka or any forbidden item should not be used in and outside the college.

  9. We give importance in participation of the students in various activities social and spiritual orientation viz. joining and arranging relief activities for the people in distress organizing seminars on literacy, medical and programmed, cultural and religious issues etc. All students should take part unless they are physically unfit.
  10. The student is liable to pay compensation for any damage to the college property.

  11. Attendance in class is compulsory for all. Students having below 90% of attendance are liable to be debarred from appearing promotion / selection Test/ Final Examinations.

  12. Student must dress neatly, speak politely, behave mannerly and study regularly to keep the standard of the college.

  13. Books, Magazines and Photos of objectionable nature shall not be brought to the college.

  14. Students are strictly forbidden to go out of the classroom/ college campus during college hours.

  15. No student will be allowed in the class without college uniform.

  16. Use of Gazettes like Mobile and wearing any type of wrist band like bangles, threads etc. is strictly prohibited within the college campus.

  17. Contact with the outsiders during college hours is Strictly Prohibited.

  18. The Prospectus shall not be treated as document. The rules, clauses, policies in the prospectus are only for general information and may be modified/change from time to time by the authority.